Program Name: STEP BY STEP INFANTS & TODDLERS SSIT programme is designed to stimulate sensory intelligence in infants and toddlers. S: Stimulate S: Sensory I: Intelligence T: Toddlers To maximize your baby's brain power. The development that occurs from birth to 2 years provides the foundation for subsequent development across domains. l Physical - Growth and health status - Fine motor - Gross motor l Sensory Infants learn about the world through their multiple senses: Touch Sight Sound Taste Smell Our teachers will heighten children's awareness of the world around them by stimulating the senses. We have created safe and developmentally appropriate learning in bilingual environments to offer benefits across and developmental areas. Programme 2013-2014 Age for Admission Guidelines & Class Time Grade Age Choose a day of the week Duration of session PN1 - Infants Playgroup 10 -16 Months Monday - Saturday I.5 hours PN2 - Toddlers Playgroup 17-24 Months Monday - Saturday I.5 hours Fees 2013 / 2014 (November - July) Grade Length of Pre-Programme "Per Lesson Fee" (HKD) PN1 - Infants Playgroup 10 weeks $300* PN2 - Toddlers Playgroup 10 Weeks $300* "*Promotional Discount for the first 10 lessons course." Ÿ Application Admissions Process • For efficiency purpose, most of our communications on admissions will be through email. • Once an application is received, Sophie Kindergarten & Nursery School will send you an acknowledgement email. Process for playgroup • There is no interview for playgroup. • Offers are subject to availability. Sophie Kindergarten & Nursery School will notify you by email when there is an offer for your child. If a space is not available, your child will be put on the waitlist and Sophie Kindergarten & Nursery School will contact you as soon as a space is available. • Please note all children attending Sophie Kindergarten & Nursery School Playgroup will need to undergo an interview process before admissions into Nursery/Kindergarten. Admission in the playgroup does not guarantee a place in the nursery or kindergarten programme. * Please apply in person or by post with the completed application form and cheque payable to "Sophie Kindergarten & Nursery School Ltd" *Please call us at 2811 9929 for more information.